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The Vanishing Point

by Derailed Freight Train

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all music written, performed and recorded by Derailed Freight Train AKA Damian C. Cohn.

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released September 11, 2010

Derailed Freight Train AKA Damian C. Cohn



all rights reserved


Derailed Freight Train California

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Track Name: Friends 'till the Ends
Friends 'till the Ends

shut it down, turn it off, this is it
I can see there's no me in this shit
and I'm tired of the fire burning in me
I'll retire or get fired
but just let me be

time has come, finally whispering "free"
and the walls with their calls, no more to me
and I'm glad to be sad when you call
'cause we're friends 'till the ends
which means you don't know me at all

I just took my last pill, now they're all gone
hazy place, no escape here in this song
but I know I can call you when it's done
and I'm wrecked, imperfect
and finished having fun
Track Name: Two Steps Back
Two Steps Back

one step forward and two steps back
you know
the finest thing is thing you lack
you threw out yer phone and yer TV set
you're all used up but you're not done yet

you know
hesitations lessen the big regrets
you can't fail if you don't take the test
but then you'll know you didn't do your best
you're all used up but you're not done yet

you know
if you really wanna change you'd better write a list
oh no!
'cause every time you try that you just write this
the imperfections are all perfect
you're all used up but you're not done yet
Track Name: Dreary

here we fucking are
no gas in the car
no restrictions near or far to say
how to spend the day
what to do and "hey,
you should be on time this time"
my friends
used to be my friends
a means to an ends
"how ya doin'?" that depends on you
but now they're dead and gone
leavin' me this song
leavin' me the whole day alone, but

dreary sundays always save me
save me

sometimes I could use my own time
we all need alone time
we all need some "work on me time"
and that's fine
kickin' out the dope rhymes
walkin' on that thin line
separating peace from pieces
phone rings
pulling on your heart strings
always seems to stop things
from just happening
but not today
the distractions far away
leaving me right here to play
leaving me right here to say


do you hear that sound
of no one comin' 'round
just raindrops fallin' on my windowpane
winter's sweet refrain
it could drive you insane
but Chinese water torture ain't no thing
I'll close my eyes and sing
or just do anything
'cause anything is still something that's mine
I'm taking back my time
I'm drawin' out some lines
encircling a soul divine 'cause

save me
Track Name: Lazy Fare
Lazy Fare

it's okay
let opportunity slip away
'cause you weren't meant to rock out anyway
you'll say

let it go
convince yourself "I mean,
how could you have known
that all you'd add up to is just so so
oh no

the train came by
you could have grabbed a hold and taken the ride
it would have made for such a source of pride
oh sigh

lazy fare

sit real still
and try to tell yourself it's no big deal
and after all you don't believe in free will
but still

you hear something
a voice is calling and it's using your name
and it is saying you're the one to blame
for being lame

shut it up
prescription pills will take this fucking up
and make it all okay but what the fuck
this sucks

lazy fare

just relax
life is what you make it kid, face facts
and if you didn't act you didn't act
you lacked

you'll move on
you'll just keep on with all that keepin' on
the schedule will tell you what to work on
and on, and on and....

more trains will come
you tell yourself next time you won't be so dumb
you tell yourself next time you'll hop right on
right on!

it's another lie
that you will swallow just so you can get by
and when it's all over you'll wonder why
and cry

lazy fare
Track Name: The Doctor is Out
The Doctor is Out

the doctor is out
the doctor has left the building
the doctor freaked out
the doctor had to do his own thing
the office is closed
up until further notice
the doctor makes no
apologies for this

the doctor could not
keep up with his patients
the doctor was tired
wired heart beating relentless
the doctor took pills
he tried so hard to focus
the doctor is out
gone left 'till further notice

the doctor is out
Track Name: Don't Feel a Thing
Don't Feel a Thing

I know this girl that lives far away
she's better than all the others that come my way
she's magical, she's gifted, she's talented and kind
but right now she's totally fuckin' with my mind

now I know I call her too much on the phone
but I just had to have her for my own
now I got her right here and I still feel alone
oh why can't I straighten out my dome?

'cause I don't feel a thing
no I don't feel a thing
don't feel a thing worth feelin'

she's leaving tomorrow on a plane
she says she can't help with my brain
she's probably right, but I'll still go insane
oh, why must this shit turn out so lame?

well we tried so hard to make it work
but she's making me feel like a jerk
she says that I'll be happier but I'd rather go berserk
with her by my side as a perk


now she tells me she's just fucking up my flow
but this is the only flow I know
and then she says she loves me but she's still got to go
oh why does this so hurt my holes?

the sex was good, so I thought that it was okay
and we could go on carrying on this way
and I tried so hard to feel the right way
'cause she's the only one that makes it okay

Track Name: Castaway

tossed the anchor
away today
so, hey:
wanna go somewhere
anywhere's fine with me

glad to say
whatever comes to mind
it's right on time
'cause there's no E.T.A.
on a castaway
in an old ashtray
here to stay
so hey:
wanna do something?
anything is fine with me

tossed the anchor away

Track Name: Sad Sack
Sad Sack

I wrote you a letter
then I threw it away
it said a whole lotta things
about having nothing to say
('bout having nothing to say)

my dance card's so empty
as well as my mind
and I start thinking of you
when I should be killing time
(he should be killing time)

I'm talking to no one
and they're answering back
they tell me to just move on
and stop being such a sad sack
(stop being such a sad sack)

I'll conquer the nation
and then the world
and I'll do it all one
'cause I don't need no fucking girl
(he don't need no fucking girl)

this song is so stupid
but I'll see where it leads
and I'll watch all the gardens die
and live out my life in these weeds
(live out his live in the weeds)
Track Name: I Give Up
I Give Up

I give up
all this bullshit what the fuck
am I doin'?
just my luck
I've been screwing up my stuff
'bout to ruin
everything I see is bad to me
won't you help me please?

I give up
chemicals are not enough
to make me happy
and your touch
leaves receptor downgrade's clutch-
es on my heart
and everything that's me
can plainly see
this was meant to be

I made up
good excuses for my luck
it's just that
it's impossible to find
a four leaf clover
in a field of weeds
this was meant to be
won't you help me please?
Track Name: My Luv
My Luv

I'll fold my kingdom down
I'll sell my soul right now
I'll let the mourners come
free stuff for everyone
for you

my luv

I'll set my pets all free
sadness don't bother me
I'll paint my room your colors
I'll turn my back on the others
for you

my luv

I'll let my debt keep rising
I'll sing only to you when I sing
I'll burn everything that catches
fire so you can smoke the ashes
for you

my luv
Track Name: Someone's Frozen the Sun
Someone's Frozen the Sun

someone's frozen the sun
the heat and the cold they are now one
the telephone's melted away
and frozen phone lines they got
nothing to say

the fire escape is on fire
the birds are frozen to electrical wires
the day is darker than night
the ivy's dying
trying to reach light

someone's frozen the sun
it's vomiting sun rays for no one
the sky sinks down to the floor
it flattens my chest and I
can't reach that door
to leave this place far behind
I know it's all inside of my mind
the power to heal up the sun
but my neosporin is
used up and all done

fuck that we don't need no sun
it just gave skin cancer to everyone
I'll just live under a rock
and me and some insect will
have a long talk 'bout how
someone's frozen the sun
and the heat and the cold they are now one
I'd say we'd talk until dawn
but since there's no sun it'll
just go on and on and on and on and on and on and on.....
Track Name: Follow Sunny Days
Follow Sunny Days

downers or speed
what do you need
maybe some more weed?
you'll find a way
what's that they say?
"to keep the dog's at bay"

follow sunny days

vericose veins
they pulse in your brains
like ivy gone insane
in there it stays and never goes away
but like they all say

follow sunny days

midnight or noon
alone in your room
shuffling through your doom
the darkness they say
can all go away
so even though it might sound kinda "gay"

follow sunny days
Track Name: Hittin' the Bottle Again
Hittin' the Bottle Again

hittin' the bottle again
hello old friend
what have been doin'?
nuthin' but waitin'
for you to come back again
so hello old friend
hittin' the bottle again
takin' another spin

hittin' the bottle again
hello old friend
sweet poison tickling my skin
back on the backslide again
it's legal so it's a win-win
no more o' that prohibition
hittin' the bottle again
taking another swim

glug-glug-glug-gluggin' again
hello old friend
you feel so nice in my hand
and you always understand
you've kept so many company
so why not me?
hittin' the bottle again
taking my final swim
Track Name: Empty Spaces
Empty Spaces

empty spaces
the in betweens
the airless air that's all around
silent noises
the endless reverberations
of no sound

frozen faces
with spittle dripping off their mouths
the clock is ticking
hand's aren't moving
the frozen faces turn to scowls

empty spaces
space = time
time = empty
empty spaces

the dream is hidden
behind a dream
that hides behind another dream's dream
you cross the road
to get to the other side
then it all doesn't seem to mean
what it seemed to mean

now that first side
is the new other side
and it really doesn't seem to mean
what it seemed to mean

empty spaces
the in betweens
the airless air that's all around
silent noises
the endless reverberations
of no sound